Fjord 44 Coupé

Power you feel with body and soul

Cool under any conditions

The FJORD 44 Coupé is the model from Fjord Motor Yachts that combines the style of the FJORD 44 Open with all the benefits of a full coupe sports cruiser. Available with either a semi-closed or fully-enclosed cockpit and saloon, the FJORD 44 Coupé offers the best combination of internal and external space, transforming the FJORD 44 into a truly all-season boat.


The first glimpse is enough to leave you speechless, you are looking at a FJORD powerboat. With her streamlined arc-saloon, the 44 Coupé embraces this principle in her own way. The aerodynamical roofline, slightly rising to the rear, is an outstanding expression of the essence of FJORD: performance, purism, pleasure.