Five decades of uniqueness

The increase of the exclusive


Boats with Viking Gene

At the end of the fifties, at a boat fair somewhere in Germany: His impressions leave Alf Richard Bjerke does not let go. The British and Mediterranean boatbuilding tradition fascinates him as well as the possibilities of the new GRP materials. In Bjerke the idea matures that the world is waiting for another boatbuilding culture: the Norwegian one. Robust as the Vikings should be, reliable and honest, seaworthy and strong. Your matching name: FJORD. In 1960, Alf Berke and Finn B. Roer found the company Fjord Plast and, as product developer Jan Herrmann Linge, join the team.

Europe's top-dockyard

The three Norwegians immediately hit the nerve of the times with the Fjordling. The successor models tear the boat lovers out of their hands. FJORD is growing rapidly and leaves all other European motor yacht yards behind at the beginning of the seventies. The wide range includes various model series: the open Weekender as well as the spacious Cabin Cruiser or the sporty Dolphin yachts. The Sedan flagships are even being built in a flybridge version.

The Terne Era

At the end of the eighties, FJORD came up with a new concept: Terne - the GRP boat in a classic, elegant wooden boat look. Their characteristic side windows and large cockpits make the open day cruisers quickly the epitome of Scandinavian boatbuilding culture. With Terne, FJORD is focusing for the first time on an exclusive clientele. The 21 to 28 foot models are very individually built with great attention to detail - and therefore not for everyone.

Beginning in the future

After the millennium, it's time for a new vision. The modern FJORD attracts everyone's attention as a puristically interpreted power boat. The new lines are created in top-class, international cooperation. Patrick Banfield brings the Savoire-vivre of the Cote d'Azur, the Australian Jim Wilshire his experience with fast patrol boats. At the Baltic Sea, HanseYachts contributes its in-house design team and advanced manufacturing technologies. The result: A FJORD fleet that can only be compared to itself when it comes to customizing, driving performance, design language and equipment luxury.

Fjord in Benelux

For over 30 years Fjord is successfully represented in the Benelux. As the maritime world is changing rapidly over the last decade the customers journey changed along. We’ve changed in our approach from a product perspective into a customer centric driven way of working. Fjord Benelux is not about just selling boats. We are here to make your nautical dreams come true. We are providers of al the adventures you are bound to experience when you receive the keys of your own Fjord yacht. So, let us help and assist you all the way, from the initial information of the model of your choice up to the remarketing of your boat when you decide to step into a new and perhaps a bigger Fjord model.

As your area of navigation is even beyond the Benelux borders, we provide you with the best thinkable service throughout Europe. With our partners in France, Italy and Spain we are your direct contact in sales, service, maintenance and winter storage. Just let us be your partner in the design of your own world of Fjord experiences.

On behalf of our dedicated team of professionals,

Kind regards,

Fjord Benelux B.V.
Matthijs Kat

Managing Director