News 650 Speedster
Published: 03-09-2019

The FJORD 40 open gave the yachting world an original style icon. Now the 500th FJORD is under construction - also a 40 open! We are celebrating this milestone in a unique way: with two special editions at a special price.

Don't miss this comprehensive package. Get an offer for your individually equipped yacht online. Or visit our ultimate special edition at the Cannes Yachting Festival: the FJORD 40 open 650 speedster.

Whether it’s a special edition or another favourite from our range, every new FJORD is delivered to you with future tech. Because it contains the first ever cloud-based telematics system for series motor yachts - so that you can enjoy your boat even more. Look forward to more safety, better service and optimum value retention!


FJORD 40 open 500 Classic
Spectacular performance, luxurious comfort and plenty of space over a length of 12 metres.
/  2 x Volvo IPS 500 (740hp)
/  Concealed anchor system with fully
   automatic, hydraulically extendable arm,
   galvanised 10kg anchor and 50m stainless
   steel chain

FJORD 40 open 650 Speedster
Drive the most powerful engines ever built FJORD of this size.
/  2 x Volvo IPS 650 (960hp)
/  Concealed anchor system with fully
   automatic, hydraulically extendable arm,
   galvanised 10kg anchor and 50m stainless
   steel chain


Keep an eye on your FJORD 24/7 – with the MyFJORD Safety Cloud
Uniquely innovative. More service. More safety. FJORD yachts are always breaking new ground. Now also in digital technology - with the first cloud-based telematics system for production motor yachts. You can access all relevant technical data live via mobile app or at www.fjordboats.com.

With BoatMonitoring, eLogBook and eServiceBook you can monitor your yacht, automatically keep a logbook and never miss a service interval.

Enjoy the vastness of the ocean and don't spend a moment on the logbook.
/  Every mile sailed is automatically recorded
/  The system registers ground track, course and
   position and archives the information
/  Access data at any time - for travel documentation or
   in the event of an insurance claim

Perfect service management for you:
/  All manuals immediately accessible
/  Every service due date is indicated on time
/  Make servicing appointments at the touch
   of a button
/  Seamless proof of care / maintenance
/  Proof that the yacht is operated and manoeuvred
   with care
Your yacht’s personal bodyguard: Warnings keep you up to date in real time - as if you were on board yourself. These functions include:
/  Position report / motion alarm
/  Anchor and grounding alarm
/  Collision alarm
/  Automatic call for help in emergency

Available for every FJORD
All Fjord yachts are delivered from the shipyard with the MyFjord Safety Cloud hardware built in. The hardware is connected to the on-board electronics and communicates worldwide via mobile phone networks. For older Fjord yachts a retrofit package is available via the webshop or from your dealer. Your dealer will provide you with detailed advice on the telematics system and support you in retrofitting from A to Z. Get more information about the MyFJORD Safety Cloud now!


  A highlight of the Cannes Yachting Festival: the FJORD 40 open 650 Speedster.  
In the legendary marina of Cannes our high-performance Special Edition awaits you: the 650 Speedster. The attractive prices of both anniversary models are of course also valid during the festival. Furthermore, we will be presenting the FJORD 38 xpress with all its design innovations, as well as the FJORD 52 open.
Make an appointment now and pay us a visit. We look forward to welcoming you to the “Quai St Pierre” in the Vieux Port. If you enter the fair through the "Quai Max Laubeuf" gate, this area is on the left-hand side.