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Published: 03-06-2019

Exhibitor of the week; Fjord Benelux on Masters of LXRy

Fjord Benelux is importer and dealer of FJORD motor yachts: exclusive and fast-sailing high-quality powerboats. A pleasure to sail with and to possess. LXRY welcomes the yacht importer as a new participant of Masters of LXRY and is talking to Matthijs Kat, Managing Director of Fjord Benelux.

A verbal tour

"A FJORD yacht has everything for a beautiful weekend on the water. You can have wine & dine, there is a bedroom and to fresh up your bathroom with shower and toilet. On deck there are large sun beds and there is an outdoor kitchen. "In 2008, ship architect Patrick Banfield and FJORD designed the 'open concept', with which it was the forerunner of this genre.

The FJORD has been designed and is being built in Germany. The boat distinguishes itself in design, namely; sleek, minimalist and open. But also in the strong German quality. The hull is made of polyester with a T-top roof, but the materials used vary depending on the type. Matthijs: “FJORD Benelux has various models available in the range. The Open range varies in length from 11 to 16 meters (36ft to 52ft) and the 44 Coupe, a closed coupé boat, where the outdoor space is closed with a full cabin. When it is hot the owner has sun protection, but all windows and doors can be opened. Because of this dense model, this type is excellent for Dutch waters. "The yachts are child-friendly due to the walk around design:" The FJORD has no elevations or steps and the gangways, the sides of the boat, are high allowing the passengers to get around the whole can walk around the boat. "

Most FJORDs sail in the Mediterranean sea area and especially around Mallorca, Ibiza and the French Riviera. “We notice that due to the warmer summers in the Netherlands there is a need for buyers to bring the boats back to the Netherlands in July and August. Customers spend the preseason in the Mediterranean sea area with the FJORD. If it gets too hot, then the yacht will be transported back to the Netherlands in the summer for a beautiful (late) summer. Naturally we take care of maintenance and winter storage for our customers. "

Another striking trend that FJORD Benelux responds to is offering the best customer experience. "It is no longer about" just "wanting a boat, but about the experience that the customer experiences. It starts with the very first contact with the search for a boat. Our motto: the customer is not looking for a boat, but for fulfilling a dream! We are responding as well as possible to this. Friends, family, children and the best way to be together are part of this dream.”

FJORD Benelux offers the possibility to customers to make sea trials on Mallorca and Ibiza. Matthijs: “It is of course sensational to make a test run in the area where you will eventually sail and experience unique moments. The Sea Trial experience on a sunny day and perhaps the future boat of your dreams, who doesn't want that? ”Before the customer makes a test run, the interested person flies with us to Germany to take a look at the shipyard. “An evening in Hamburg is linked to the experience and test run, after which the customer then goes by plane to the test run area.” In addition to the Mediterranean sea area and the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles is also planned. Fjord Benelux is also actively opening an office there.

With Masters of LXRY in prospect in December at RAI Amsterdam, this year's passion for craftsmanship is central to the Love Edition. Matthijs: "Our greatest passion is to deliver to the customer what he or she says:" The dream I had in mind was surpassed by Fjord Benelux. It's not just about a boat, it's about the entire lifestyle and the process around it. "

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