Experience Wine & Dine


All the flavours of the summer

Enjoyment can begin on board. After an intensive day on the water where all elements of sun, sea and water have been overcome, it is time to relax and enjoy the local wines and food that your immediate area has to offer. A glass of wonderfully well-chilled Verdejo, the condensation sparkling along the glass and a fresh salad niçoise as a light lunch. With shadow on the back deck, accompanied by sultry lounge sounds, the afternoon has much more to offer.

The ingredients of a perfect day

Enjoy a nice dish with local sea food, oysters and matching wines. It should come as no surprise that relaxation and good conversations go hand in hand on board a comfortably equipped Fjord. With aplenty cooling facilities and space to prepare the most delicious dishes, the chef on board quickly earns the respect of all guests. Even when there is just the two of you a tasty snack or a lovingly prepared meal is the ultimate crowning glory of a beautiful Fjord day .

“an unprecedented driving experience”

Create food

Relax and enjoy

Enjoy a little after lunch walk

Drink wine and chill