Experience Friends & Family


Meet & Greet onboard

Friends and family are happy to be invited to a wonderful day on the water. Enjoy the pleasures of life, the environment and the FJORD together. There is room for everyone on board; on the sun bed at the front or at the back, sitting at the table or inside the spacious cabin to get out of the sun. After a day of relaxing, freshen up in the comfortable bathroom and then together on the way to a well-regarded local restaurant. That is how good life can be. Feel free to share it.

Just having a good time

Have a chat with each other undisturbed, enjoy each other and the summer, laugh about the beautiful memories and the funny new incidents. Also coming up with new ideas and developing other plans for the future or your business. The relaxed environment of your FJORD gives you all the conditions for a successful period on board. A wonderful place to go and return to.

“an unprecedented driving experience”


Relax with friends

Enjoy the sunshine

Dine with friends